KCWC, day 4

although, not my favorite job, day 4 entailed tackling my repair pile. in that pile?

a dress that never turned out quite right (sorry, no photo… it really was terrible) that was refashioned into a yoga skirt. while it turned out great, its about 5 sizes too big:( i guess that either means it goes to the back of the closet, or back to the repair pile.

a smocked top with a ripped strap. now that its fixed, it needs to find a new home as it was a top she outgrew last year:) hehe.

a smocked dress that again, needed new straps. the current straps were cutting into e’s armpits, so i took them off and added these black braided straps. so glad it worked because this is one of my all-time favorite dresses! if you remember it from last year, its from a wrap skirt i bought in Africa years ago. i just so happened to find another similar wrap skirt at a thrift store recently, so as soon as she outgrows this one, i’ll make another. or, maybe i should just make another anyway:) the fabric is just so lightweight and gauzy and PERFECT for the 90 degree heat we already have:(

although not a repair, i did finish an unfinished project that had been sitting on my table for weeks. as i finished it, i realized that i lied to you about not having cut into that adorable owl fabric:) i did… but the photos will have to be revealed next week as i don’t want to spoil the surprise for a very special birthday girl this weekend.

phew… that was a lot of repairing… but now i have a clean table and can start fresh. what to sew today? still not decided:)


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