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another favorite

last summer i whipped up a bunch of oliver + s’s lazy day skirts. this summer, i think this is going to be my new go-to pattern. don’t get me wrong, i still love the lazy day skirt and it is absolutely the easiest skirt to make… 30 minutes, no joke!  but i’m totally loving the little ruffle effect of prudent mama’s layer cake skirt. there will definitely be more of this one on the sewing table soon.

(she was watching her daddy play frisbee and kept pointing to him… she wanted to run with the big kids so bad!… and no, thats not josh in the picture.)

i only tweaked the pattern slightly. I only had a yard of this print and since the print runs the parallel with the selvage, i had to cut my strips to 36″. My bottom two layers ended up being 36″ by 5″… I accidentally cut them the same height, but the length turned out perfect… yah! And the top layer I doubled and folded in half covering my raw edge of the middle layer and then made my casing…  that probably makes no sense at all, i should have taken a picture of it:(  anywho, the pattern was overall really simple to follow and a great project for beginner sewers (i’d suggest making the lazy day skirt first though, just because its so simple and will give you some confidence in constructing a skirt).

and i think this fabric might be a new favorite as well:) the moment i saw the cassette tape fabric, i knew eden had to have something made out of it. its totally 80’s – what’s not to love?!?!

stay tuned later this week for yet another favorite pattern and maybe a giveaway of an “oops, i made it too small” dress/top:)


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smashing smock… attempt no. 2

so i think in the past few posts, i’ve alluded to my attempts at sewing clothing… my own clothing…  i had been intrigued by sewing adult clothing since Rae did her Spring Top Week back in May. oh, how i had great aspirations to participate – just for the fun of it, that compitition was fierce. but time didn’t allow it then, so i just blog stalked and browsed through the flickr pool over.and.over again. i got tons of inspiration and motivation and finally decided it was time to take a stab at it. well, i have to admit, my first few attempts were less than presentable and while i was actually able to put them on, there is no.way. i would leave the house in them:) my last two attempts though were surprisingly easy and turned *almost* as i expected.

this top was made from Anna Maria Horner’s pattern (from the book, Seams to Me). i’ll be honest, when i first got the book, i thought the top was hideous:) but after seeing other people’s renditions of it, i saw potiential and gave it a shot. i first made a muslin because the fabric i really wanted to use i’d been hoarding for a while and its hard to find now, so i couldn’t imagine ruining it on my first attempt. it really was easy (especially after making the muslin) and only required a little over a yard of fabric. the pattern gives instructions for adjustments, though the only one i made was to the length. i originally made it long enough to be a tunic, but then decided i probably wouldn’t wear it that length right now in the summer, so i just hemmed it. i think once the cooler weather gets here (if it e.v.e.r does), i’ll take the hems out. just one of the perks of making your own clothes (not to mention creating a top that is long enough for my abnormally long torso) …

so, without further ado, here she is… (please accept my apologies for not ironing first!)

and in case the fabric looks familiar… well, its because…

so, yes, i made eden and i matching outfits:) while i think there may be more to come… i’m not sure i’ve brave enough to wear them on the same day… unlike someone else i know…

love you mom… thanks for teaching me to sew.


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the sseko sandal

so, if you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably heard enough of the sseko sandal already, but for those of you who haven’t i’ll fill you in:)

a few months ago, i came across sseko designs via another blog. as soon as i saw the sandals, i immediately fell in love. then i read the story of how it came about. wow. what an incredible organization (not to mention that the founder, liz is only 24 years old)! africa has a special place in my heart for many reasons, so naturally, the story behind these sandals pulled on my heart strings. after a few subtle hints prior to mothers day, i received a gift certificate from the hubs for some sseko sandals. since i had already scoured the website, i knew exactly which one(s) i wanted (i got to pick TWO straps!).  I received them in the mail last week and have had a couple of days wear out of them. Not only are they amazingly fun and adorable, they are quite comfy as well. my only complaint…. i had to wait two weeks to get them since my size was on backorder:(

i have decided that they are, in fact, the crafter/sewers ideal sandal as i’m already dreaming up new straps i can make for them. add that to my long list of projects:)

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