KCWC, day 4

although, not my favorite job, day 4 entailed tackling my repair pile. in that pile?

a dress that never turned out quite right (sorry, no photo… it really was terrible) that was refashioned into a yoga skirt. while it turned out great, its about 5 sizes too big:( i guess that either means it goes to the back of the closet, or back to the repair pile.

a smocked top with a ripped strap. now that its fixed, it needs to find a new home as it was a top she outgrew last year:) hehe.

a smocked dress that again, needed new straps. the current straps were cutting into e’s armpits, so i took them off and added these black braided straps. so glad it worked because this is one of my all-time favorite dresses! if you remember it from last year, its from a wrap skirt i bought in Africa years ago. i just so happened to find another similar wrap skirt at a thrift store recently, so as soon as she outgrows this one, i’ll make another. or, maybe i should just make another anyway:) the fabric is just so lightweight and gauzy and PERFECT for the 90 degree heat we already have:(

although not a repair, i did finish an unfinished project that had been sitting on my table for weeks. as i finished it, i realized that i lied to you about not having cut into that adorable owl fabric:) i did… but the photos will have to be revealed next week as i don’t want to spoil the surprise for a very special birthday girl this weekend.

phew… that was a lot of repairing… but now i have a clean table and can start fresh. what to sew today? still not decided:)


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KCWC, day 3

so, day 2 got away from me without any time for sewing… that’s how life rolls sometimes. and although day three almost got away too, i forced myself to do a little sewing and really needed to keep myself busy as i was going on 24 hours without sleep (oh, the joys of working night shift and having a 3 year old). regardless, my 45 minutes of sewing were productive, though more slow-moving than when i’m well-rested and eden ended up with this little peasant top.

i love this fabric… my yellow walls kind of wash out the color, but its a vintage-y brown floral print with orange, red and yellow leaves. she had a skirt from the same print last year in the blue colorway, but its much too short now:)

i used the modified the blossom blouse pattern that i have talked about here before, but shortened the sleeves and added some length. the original blossom blouse was quite short for as “roomy” as the shirt was, but i added so much length on this one that its really more of a tunic. either way, i love it and i think it will get a couple of years wear out of it!

on my to-do list today : packing. with our closing date less than two weeks away, i guess i really should get started on the packing! and at least an hour of sewing. hoping to make up my lost hour from day two sometime this week too:)

on the to-sew list for the week :

these knotty shorts

another yoga skirt

a modified sienna dress from the all-time best thrift store find yesterday… a Jesse and the Rippers shirt;) – i was giddy in the thrift store when i found this, i would have paid anything for it, but lucky for me, it was half off day and the shirt only cost me $1:)

dress from mens shirt refashion

and i’m sure this list will be modified as i browse through the KCWC flickr pool🙂

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Kids Clothing Week Challenge…

last year, i ooohed and aahhhhed over all the cute stuff that came out of KCWC over at Elsie Marley. i was determined to participate this year, but completely forgot about it until i started seeing it all over the crafting blogosphere this weekend. while its pretty bad timing as i’ve just started packing away and organizing all my crafting/sewing stuff for our big move, i just couldn’t NOT participate:) so, with day one complete, e now has a new skirt. i only have one shift left for the week, so i’m hoping i can still carve away that one hour of sewing a day for the challenge and have e a few new outfits by the weekend.

today’s outfit… a little yoga skirt from this adorable owl fabric i’ve been hoarding (yes, hoarding… i bought three yards of it and had yet to cut it) that i actually figured out how to do by myself… no pattern followed! i was instantly in love and it looks so comfy, i kinda want one for myself:) do i sense another mother-daughter outfit coming on? hehe. probably not, but i do know that there will be more of these little skirts in her closet soon!

maybe tomorrow i’ll actually have a cooperative model… sorry for the lack of 3 year old cuteness in this post:)


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appreciating teachers…

i’m thankful for teachers: for my teacher husband, for my teacher friends, and for my daughter’s teachers. teaching a classroom full of students seems like a duanting task to me, but somehow the teachers i know do it with such grace and ease. this year, e started a new preschool, a signing preschool with 4 other deaf/hard of hearing children. it has been the best class for her and she has grown so much in her language and development since starting. the teachers and aides are all fluent in ASL and they sign and speak all day long. the entire Deaf and Hard of Hearing program for our county is at this school so e is surrounded by other kids with hearing impairments and who sign.  the teachers are amazing and i am so thankful for all of them and their devotion to teaching kids like e.  while teachers deserve thanks and recogntion every day of the week, teacher appreciation week is this week and i wanted to do a little something fun for them.

cue, ASL TRUTHlets:) … i hope they don’t think i’m too cheesy:)

(and in case you can’t fingerspell, this one is for me and says “eden’s mama” 🙂 )

                                                                  e helped with the tags:)

if you haven’t already, thank a teacher this week!

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crafting + missions + nursing

yep, i figured out how to combine all of my passions. this past week we had a womens craft night… our project? making these tote bags that we are sending with church’s mission team that is going to Haiti this summer. the bags will be filled with “clean birthing supplies” and a sweet little newborn hat that will hopefully help these women have a cleaner and healthier birthing experience. you can read more about where this project started here.

i’ve been trying to plan this craft night for well over two months now and until two weeks ago, could not come up with a useful project. i was stumped. i could come up with a million things to teach our women to sew or make, but none of them seemed useful or helpful to the women we wanted to bless in Haiti. the organization we’ll be working with had another team there recently that did lots of teaching on women’s health. it seems to be such a huge need in that area and when i came across this project by CraftHope, i knew this was what we needed to do. everyone seemed to be just as excited and the craft night just took off.  i was so thankful for the women that came out to help – crafters and non-crafters alike… all for the purpose of displaying the love of Christ in a practical way. it was beautiful.

we ended up with close to 20 kits by the time it was done and many of the ladies were begging to do it again! hoping to see much more of this in my future.

and maybe even hosting one at our new house since i’m going to get my own craft room (that will get its own glorious blog post when the time comes!)


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any takers?

i’d been starring at this tutorial for months and finally got around to trying it out. it turned out beautifully and was easy to follow. since the tutorial for was for size 18-24 months, i attempted to enlarge the pattern pieces for somewhere between 2T-3T. unfortunately for e, my measurements came up just a little too small and it cut into e’s armpits… she was a good sport trying it on, but didn’t leave it on long enough for any photos.  not to worry though, i’ve already got another one cut out and ready to be sewn.


i’m hoping one you has a little one that could wear it:) my guess would be its about a 24 month… first one that claims it can have it:)




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another favorite

last summer i whipped up a bunch of oliver + s’s lazy day skirts. this summer, i think this is going to be my new go-to pattern. don’t get me wrong, i still love the lazy day skirt and it is absolutely the easiest skirt to make… 30 minutes, no joke!  but i’m totally loving the little ruffle effect of prudent mama’s layer cake skirt. there will definitely be more of this one on the sewing table soon.

(she was watching her daddy play frisbee and kept pointing to him… she wanted to run with the big kids so bad!… and no, thats not josh in the picture.)

i only tweaked the pattern slightly. I only had a yard of this print and since the print runs the parallel with the selvage, i had to cut my strips to 36″. My bottom two layers ended up being 36″ by 5″… I accidentally cut them the same height, but the length turned out perfect… yah! And the top layer I doubled and folded in half covering my raw edge of the middle layer and then made my casing…  that probably makes no sense at all, i should have taken a picture of it:(  anywho, the pattern was overall really simple to follow and a great project for beginner sewers (i’d suggest making the lazy day skirt first though, just because its so simple and will give you some confidence in constructing a skirt).

and i think this fabric might be a new favorite as well:) the moment i saw the cassette tape fabric, i knew eden had to have something made out of it. its totally 80’s – what’s not to love?!?!

stay tuned later this week for yet another favorite pattern and maybe a giveaway of an “oops, i made it too small” dress/top:)

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