Other Crafty Things



Backdrops for Photos

Crayon Art

DIY Crayons

TShirt PomPoms

DIY Watercolors

Martha Stewarts Silk Screening Tutorial

Printable Vintage Love Letters

Hexagon Printable Card

Another Recycled Flower Wreath

Mod Podge Coasters

Vintage Postcard Journal

Postage Stamp Coasters

Gift Bows from Magazine Pages

Painted World Map


Apartment Therapy’s 20 Handmade Home Projects

Anthro Necklace

Burlap Wreath

5 Minute Bread Bags

Pallet Bookshelf

Fort Building Kit

Monogrammed Mugs

Paper Pinwheels

Play Slime

Grocery Planner

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Seeko Sandles (for purchase)

Printable Reading List

Reupolstered Dresser with Fabric

Cork Necklaces

More Valentines (Pirates)

HairBows from Fabric


Ruffled Streamers


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