appreciating teachers…

i’m thankful for teachers: for my teacher husband, for my teacher friends, and for my daughter’s teachers. teaching a classroom full of students seems like a duanting task to me, but somehow the teachers i know do it with such grace and ease. this year, e started a new preschool, a signing preschool with 4 other deaf/hard of hearing children. it has been the best class for her and she has grown so much in her language and development since starting. the teachers and aides are all fluent in ASL and they sign and speak all day long. the entire Deaf and Hard of Hearing program for our county is at this school so e is surrounded by other kids with hearing impairments and who sign.  the teachers are amazing and i am so thankful for all of them and their devotion to teaching kids like e.  while teachers deserve thanks and recogntion every day of the week, teacher appreciation week is this week and i wanted to do a little something fun for them.

cue, ASL TRUTHlets:) … i hope they don’t think i’m too cheesy:)

(and in case you can’t fingerspell, this one is for me and says “eden’s mama” 🙂 )

                                                                  e helped with the tags:)

if you haven’t already, thank a teacher this week!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I love them. How sweet!

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