Kids Clothing Week Challenge…

last year, i ooohed and aahhhhed over all the cute stuff that came out of KCWC over at Elsie Marley. i was determined to participate this year, but completely forgot about it until i started seeing it all over the crafting blogosphere this weekend. while its pretty bad timing as i’ve just started packing away and organizing all my crafting/sewing stuff for our big move, i just couldn’t NOT participate:) so, with day one complete, e now has a new skirt. i only have one shift left for the week, so i’m hoping i can still carve away that one hour of sewing a day for the challenge and have e a few new outfits by the weekend.

today’s outfit… a little yoga skirt from this adorable owl fabric i’ve been hoarding (yes, hoarding… i bought three yards of it and had yet to cut it) that i actually figured out how to do by myself… no pattern followed! i was instantly in love and it looks so comfy, i kinda want one for myself:) do i sense another mother-daughter outfit coming on? hehe. probably not, but i do know that there will be more of these little skirts in her closet soon!

maybe tomorrow i’ll actually have a cooperative model… sorry for the lack of 3 year old cuteness in this post:)



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2 responses to “Kids Clothing Week Challenge…

  1. Jessica

    Does this skirt come in my size?

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