crafting + missions + nursing

yep, i figured out how to combine all of my passions. this past week we had a womens craft night… our project? making these tote bags that we are sending with church’s mission team that is going to Haiti this summer. the bags will be filled with “clean birthing supplies” and a sweet little newborn hat that will hopefully help these women have a cleaner and healthier birthing experience. you can read more about where this project started here.

i’ve been trying to plan this craft night for well over two months now and until two weeks ago, could not come up with a useful project. i was stumped. i could come up with a million things to teach our women to sew or make, but none of them seemed useful or helpful to the women we wanted to bless in Haiti. the organization we’ll be working with had another team there recently that did lots of teaching on women’s health. it seems to be such a huge need in that area and when i came across this project by CraftHope, i knew this was what we needed to do. everyone seemed to be just as excited and the craft night just took off.  i was so thankful for the women that came out to help – crafters and non-crafters alike… all for the purpose of displaying the love of Christ in a practical way. it was beautiful.

we ended up with close to 20 kits by the time it was done and many of the ladies were begging to do it again! hoping to see much more of this in my future.

and maybe even hosting one at our new house since i’m going to get my own craft room (that will get its own glorious blog post when the time comes!)



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4 responses to “crafting + missions + nursing

  1. Sarah

    Steph, this is such a great idea!!! I’ve shown it to Elliott and we think it could really help the people we work with too. Thanks for the inspiration! You are fabulous. Love you girl!

    • Thanks Sarah! I can’t take any credit for the idea, but it certainly is a great one! The project was so simple for all the women that came to help with and it was SO practical. Please take and share the idea if it will help your friends in Haiti too!!!! MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2. Stephanie – This is great! I love this post in so many ways!
    also, I’m pretty excited about your craft room that is coming and know that there will only be more exciting and amazing things coming… thanks for sharing this idea. Many ladies here are asking to learn how to sew and I haven’t seriously considered any sort of event until I saw this post. I am definitely considering it now…

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