KCWC, day 3

so, day 2 got away from me without any time for sewing… that’s how life rolls sometimes. and although day three almost got away too, i forced myself to do a little sewing and really needed to keep myself busy as i was going on 24 hours without sleep (oh, the joys of working night shift and having a 3 year old). regardless, my 45 minutes of sewing were productive, though more slow-moving than when i’m well-rested and eden ended up with this little peasant top.

i love this fabric… my yellow walls kind of wash out the color, but its a vintage-y brown floral print with orange, red and yellow leaves. she had a skirt from the same print last year in the blue colorway, but its much too short now:)

i used the modified the blossom blouse pattern that i have talked about here before, but shortened the sleeves and added some length. the original blossom blouse was quite short for as “roomy” as the shirt was, but i added so much length on this one that its really more of a tunic. either way, i love it and i think it will get a couple of years wear out of it!

on my to-do list today : packing. with our closing date less than two weeks away, i guess i really should get started on the packing! and at least an hour of sewing. hoping to make up my lost hour from day two sometime this week too:)

on the to-sew list for the week :

these knotty shorts

another yoga skirt

a modified sienna dress from the all-time best thrift store find yesterday… a Jesse and the Rippers shirt;) – i was giddy in the thrift store when i found this, i would have paid anything for it, but lucky for me, it was half off day and the shirt only cost me $1:)

dress from mens shirt refashion

and i’m sure this list will be modified as i browse through the KCWC flickr pool🙂

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