five days a week…

i pack the SAME lunch for E. she’s not a picky eater, but somehow i’ve lost lost all creative juices when it comes packing a toddlers lunch. so, every night, i make her a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, cut into 9 pieces, and of course, a side of fruit. fruit, ah, there’s the variety. one day it might be a banana and peaches the next. anywho, after the first few weeks of school, her lunch began coming home in a little plastic bag. so naturally, i thought it must be leaking and they put it in bag so her backpack didn’t get wet… next day, i sent a box of ziplock bags and told her teacher i was sorry to have kept using all her bags. looking a little confused, i asked about the lunch situation. her response, oh, that was so eden could carry her own lunch to the lunch room. stupid mom… didn’t even send a lunch box her child could carry herself:) and of course, that was all i needed to get home and break the sewing machine out.

insert new lunch bag:) she pretty much loves and it and wants to carry it around everywhere. score… points for mom… maybe i’m not as stupid as i think:) i didn’t follow any directions, just made it up as i went – i wanted something that would fit her froggie bento box. while it turned out okay, i’d like to create a lined one that is more sturdy. maybe then, i’ll take some photos and do a tutorial? hhhummmm… sounds like a good idea.

and in case you’re impatient and know that it may take me forever to get around to putting up a tutorial, here’s a few on out in the blog-o-sphere that i had bookmarked and think are adorable. HERE, HERE, and HERE.


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i have to admit that i have been looking forward to valentines day this year for weeks now. not because i love getting cards and chocolate from the hubs, but because the little one is in preschool now and that means a valentine’s day party, right? not so much… stupid county rules limit the teachers to two, YES  ONLY TWO, parties a year. i tried to hide ‘my disappointment when the teacher told me there would be no party, but that didn’t stop me from attempting some holiday crafting with E myself. i had been bookmarking valentines crafts for a while now, but finally decided on simple DIY printable cards, found HERE and handmade heart crayons, found HERE instead of candy… yep, i’m THAT mom:)


E wasn’t so much into helping me make the crayons, but she was mesmorized by them in the oven.


and of course, the child is not deprived of valentine’s goodies from the grandparents (and aunts!) in the mail… she loved opening them and is still carrying them around!

(she still refuses to eat candy, despite the look on her face!)

more blogging promised in the near future… i’ve been quite the slacker here lately, but i do have grand intentions of sharing many more crafty ideas soon!



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happy weekend….

winner of the hairbows is comment number 8! jessica c!!! look for some hairbows from me soon!

and because i know that most of you that read the blog really stop by to see pictures of the little one… here’s some photos’s of e from today, sporting another blossom blouse i made her and, of course, the matching hairbow:)

this was my entry into MADE’s Celebrate Yellow celebration🙂 i’m in love with all her new tutorials… i need some more yellow fabric:)


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i think i may have gone a little overboard with the hairbows:)

but really, i couldn’t help myself. Its E’s fault really. first for being so darn cute and rockin the hairbow so well. second because she seems to lose her hairbows left and right. and third, her hair is out-of-control! i’ve ordered more than 30 bows from etsy for her and while i LOVED them and love to support etsy, i can’t afford to keep buying hairbows at the rate she looses them. so, me and my thrifty self decided to order 50 alligator clips off etsy and give it a try myself… and with 50, i’d have plenty to just keep replacing them as she looses them…. that was until i made about 40 in the past two night…. oops:)

they really were easy to make and i made it up as I went. they’re all slightly different, depending on the size of my scrap fabric. and i did them all while watching all the season premiers of our favorite tv shows;) quality time with the hubs right there… he’s still wondering why in the world the child needs that many hairbows. and since i halfway agree… i decided to give some away to you! leave me a comment and i’ll draw a name this weekend and send the lucky winner a handful of them:) how does that sound?

the band in the middle says “free spirit” and unless you’re a fabric junkie like me, that seems pretty silly:) i used the selvage with the printed fabric information on it… fabric nerd right here:)

for pigtails:)

and of course, i made one with scraps from EVERY dress I made her, so now she can be all matchy-matchy! did you really think i wouldn’t make matching hairbows?


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sewing without a pattern

i’m good at following directions, maybe thats why it was fairly easy for me to learn to sew. but there comes a time when you’ve gained enough knowledge and its time to venture out and explore your own creativity:) so i attempted to do just that. this summer i fell in love with this style dress (i know, summer is almost over for most of you, but it still feels like the dead of summer here). i set aside some fabric i wanted to use and just stared at the pile EVERY time i went to sew. literally, it had been sitting there for at least 2 months.

so once i realized that football season has indeed begun, i reminded myself that it just means more late night sewing parties:) so in leui of watching the football game on saturday, i made this…

from without help! honestly, i pretty convinced it wasn’t going to turn out like i envisioned, but to my surprise, its pretty darn close:) i wish the elastic was a little higher, but nonetheless, i LOVE it. if only i had thought to take picture through the process:( i’m learning… maybe with round number two… oh there will be a a round number two for sure:)


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Blossom Blouse for E

i know i’ve been absent from this space for the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean i’ve been absent from my sewing machine… in fact, a few weeks ago Josh and E went to tennessee and i had a WHOLE day to myself to sew:) (don’t get me wrong, i missed them and all – but a whole day to myself. to sew!).

i’ve been spending most of my sewing time on clothing lately, both for me and e.  i love the challenge of creating a piece of clothing and the ability to tweak each piece so that it fits perfectly. kids cloths are definitely easier to sew and is a great place to start if you want to learn. they don’t care if your seams are messed up and kids always look adorable in handmade clothes:) sewing adult clothing is a whole other ball game. it takes more patient and more time (and much more fabric!!!) but its building my sewing skills like crazy and i’m getting more confident to give things a shot (stay tuned later this week for my first attempt at sewing with a pattern!). baby steps. if you don’t know how to sew, but want to learn, invest in a good simple sewing machine and buy some amazingly fun fabric and you’ll be inspired. while i did learn basics of sewing from none other than my super seamstress mother, but the rest has been self taught from reading sewing books and sewing blogs. if you need a place to start, send me a message and i’ll give you a few suggestions:)

i’d had this pattern bookmarked in Sew Liberated : 20 Sewing Projects for the Modern Sewist since i bought it. i can across it again this weekand decided with fall just around the corner (haha, yeah right – its still 100 degree heat index here), it was time to give it a go. there is both an adult and child version, so naturally, i started with the child’s version. the pattern was super easy to follow and there are only two pattern pieces;) it required less than a yard of fabric and about 26inches of elastic. i had the top finished in an hour and a half and that was with e playing underfoot (and she did a bit of helping too). i followed the small size which the book says will fit a 2-3 year old. um… i tried it on and it fits well, but e is still in 18-24 month clothing. then i came across an errata page on her blog that says the sizes are running 1-2 sizes smaller than what the book says… good to know;)

the fabric is one that i’ve been scored at the Mill Village Outlet for $4/yard this summer (totally wish i lived closer to MVO!). its a heather ross print – i heart, heart, heart heather ross. this particular print makes me think of fall and i also have it in a mustard color. maybe i’ll use the mustard one when i attempt one for myself… is that too matchy-matchy? 🙂 i’ve got to make something yellow though for the MADE’s yellow celebration!

okay, enough of the chit chat… on with the photos:)

not sure if i should be happy or sad that she can still wear last years blue jeans:) 😦

an impromptu photo session tonight required me chasing her around her room… for some reason, she’s had a fascination with toilets these days

love the gathered sleeves:)

and this fabric… LOVE

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one of e’s favorite things is to carry a bag full of goodies around, waving “bye-bye”… here she’s asking for help because she wanted me to fill her bag up:)

our church had its second baptism… the first at the beach:)

and some mornings, we play so hard we don’t make it to naptime…

and we’ve been making much more frequent trips to the beach… have i mentioned before how amazing it is to be able to decide we want to go to the ocean for the evening and its actually possible!

first day of preschool this week:( pictures promised!

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