any takers?

i’d been starring at this tutorial for months and finally got around to trying it out. it turned out beautifully and was easy to follow. since the tutorial for was for size 18-24 months, i attempted to enlarge the pattern pieces for somewhere between 2T-3T. unfortunately for e, my measurements came up just a little too small and it cut into e’s armpits… she was a good sport trying it on, but didn’t leave it on long enough for any photos.  not to worry though, i’ve already got another one cut out and ready to be sewn.


i’m hoping one you has a little one that could wear it:) my guess would be its about a 24 month… first one that claims it can have it:)





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3 responses to “any takers?

  1. Meghann Byerline

    I’d love it for Mollie!

  2. Janna

    Soo cute!!! It would probably be too small for R.

  3. am i too late?? I love it!! Owls are my obsession…

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