another favorite

last summer i whipped up a bunch of oliver + s’s lazy day skirts. this summer, i think this is going to be my new go-to pattern. don’t get me wrong, i still love the lazy day skirt and it is absolutely the easiest skirt to make… 30 minutes, no joke!  but i’m totally loving the little ruffle effect of prudent mama’s layer cake skirt. there will definitely be more of this one on the sewing table soon.

(she was watching her daddy play frisbee and kept pointing to him… she wanted to run with the big kids so bad!… and no, thats not josh in the picture.)

i only tweaked the pattern slightly. I only had a yard of this print and since the print runs the parallel with the selvage, i had to cut my strips to 36″. My bottom two layers ended up being 36″ by 5″… I accidentally cut them the same height, but the length turned out perfect… yah! And the top layer I doubled and folded in half covering my raw edge of the middle layer and then made my casing…  that probably makes no sense at all, i should have taken a picture of it:(  anywho, the pattern was overall really simple to follow and a great project for beginner sewers (i’d suggest making the lazy day skirt first though, just because its so simple and will give you some confidence in constructing a skirt).

and i think this fabric might be a new favorite as well:) the moment i saw the cassette tape fabric, i knew eden had to have something made out of it. its totally 80’s – what’s not to love?!?!

stay tuned later this week for yet another favorite pattern and maybe a giveaway of an “oops, i made it too small” dress/top:)

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