five days a week…

i pack the SAME lunch for E. she’s not a picky eater, but somehow i’ve lost lost all creative juices when it comes packing a toddlers lunch. so, every night, i make her a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, cut into 9 pieces, and of course, a side of fruit. fruit, ah, there’s the variety. one day it might be a banana and peaches the next. anywho, after the first few weeks of school, her lunch began coming home in a little plastic bag. so naturally, i thought it must be leaking and they put it in bag so her backpack didn’t get wet… next day, i sent a box of ziplock bags and told her teacher i was sorry to have kept using all her bags. looking a little confused, i asked about the lunch situation. her response, oh, that was so eden could carry her own lunch to the lunch room. stupid mom… didn’t even send a lunch box her child could carry herself:) and of course, that was all i needed to get home and break the sewing machine out.

insert new lunch bag:) she pretty much loves and it and wants to carry it around everywhere. score… points for mom… maybe i’m not as stupid as i think:) i didn’t follow any directions, just made it up as i went – i wanted something that would fit her froggie bento box. while it turned out okay, i’d like to create a lined one that is more sturdy. maybe then, i’ll take some photos and do a tutorial? hhhummmm… sounds like a good idea.

and in case you’re impatient and know that it may take me forever to get around to putting up a tutorial, here’s a few on out in the blog-o-sphere that i had bookmarked and think are adorable. HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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  1. Cute!! Love that fabric!

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