i have to admit that i have been looking forward to valentines day this year for weeks now. not because i love getting cards and chocolate from the hubs, but because the little one is in preschool now and that means a valentine’s day party, right? not so much… stupid county rules limit the teachers to two, YES  ONLY TWO, parties a year. i tried to hide ‘my disappointment when the teacher told me there would be no party, but that didn’t stop me from attempting some holiday crafting with E myself. i had been bookmarking valentines crafts for a while now, but finally decided on simple DIY printable cards, found HERE and handmade heart crayons, found HERE instead of candy… yep, i’m THAT mom:)


E wasn’t so much into helping me make the crayons, but she was mesmorized by them in the oven.


and of course, the child is not deprived of valentine’s goodies from the grandparents (and aunts!) in the mail… she loved opening them and is still carrying them around!

(she still refuses to eat candy, despite the look on her face!)

more blogging promised in the near future… i’ve been quite the slacker here lately, but i do have grand intentions of sharing many more crafty ideas soon!



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  1. Mylinda

    God knew you would be “that” mom! And a great one you are!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day Eden and Carroll Family!

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