i think i may have gone a little overboard with the hairbows:)

but really, i couldn’t help myself. Its E’s fault really. first for being so darn cute and rockin the hairbow so well. second because she seems to lose her hairbows left and right. and third, her hair is out-of-control! i’ve ordered more than 30 bows from etsy for her and while i LOVED them and love to support etsy, i can’t afford to keep buying hairbows at the rate she looses them. so, me and my thrifty self decided to order 50 alligator clips off etsy and give it a try myself… and with 50, i’d have plenty to just keep replacing them as she looses them…. that was until i made about 40 in the past two night…. oops:)

they really were easy to make and i made it up as I went. they’re all slightly different, depending on the size of my scrap fabric. and i did them all while watching all the season premiers of our favorite tv shows;) quality time with the hubs right there… he’s still wondering why in the world the child needs that many hairbows. and since i halfway agree… i decided to give some away to you! leave me a comment and i’ll draw a name this weekend and send the lucky winner a handful of them:) how does that sound?

the band in the middle says “free spirit” and unless you’re a fabric junkie like me, that seems pretty silly:) i used the selvage with the printed fabric information on it… fabric nerd right here:)

for pigtails:)

and of course, i made one with scraps from EVERY dress I made her, so now she can be all matchy-matchy! did you really think i wouldn’t make matching hairbows?


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16 responses to “overboard…

  1. Heather

    Again… U amaze me! I want, I want! Pick me please!!! 🙂

  2. Ashlee

    Oh man, Steph! Those are so cute!

  3. AE

    Seriously love those. Throw them on a headband and I’d buy tons! Not sure when I embraced the preppy look for my 27yr old self, but I love those fabric combos!

  4. Carole

    So cute! I need some bows to attach to Elie’s hairband so people will stop complimenting my “boys!!” Maybe I’ll try to whip some up…which means, I’ll throw away a pile of fabric next week.

  5. Meghann Byerline

    Nooo pick me!!! 😉 I love these! I would love to make some of these for Mollie (when she finally gets enough hair that is! )

  6. Torrey

    Obviously I don’t want any because I am pretty sure my boys would not appreciate the pictures that followed, but I just wanted to say that you are super talented!

  7. Kristen Ingle

    Stephanie you are so creative!! I LOVE those little hairbows and I just love all the sweet pictures of Ms Eden in her homemade clothes:) So much cuter than anything you can buy! I have had to buy Ms Avery those hairbows with the lace that goes all the way around her head b/c unlike her brother who had a head full of long, blonde hair by 4 months, she is sticking with white peach fuzz (and not much of that if Im honest). Miss you guys and hope you are all doing well! I would love to hear more about Eden’s preschool.

  8. Jessica Crimella

    I am in love!!!! Emmy needs some regardless if I win! I’ll talk to you about it next time I see you at work!!!!

  9. janna

    I love that pic of her with her hand to her mouth smiling! It is too cute!!! And, your bows are awesome!

  10. dixiemango

    How fun! I love them!

  11. martha harrell

    matching hairbow and dress. I am still holding out for you and eden to match

  12. Love them Eden is always styling!

  13. Lorren

    Love these! And you have the perfect model! I love her hair and that precious smile! Is it too late for me to leave my comment for the drawing? So cute!

  14. Faye Carroll

    These are so nice and my great grand daughter looses hers too.

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  16. awfullybigadventures

    Seriously, you aren’t just like mom anymore, you ARE mom.

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