Blossom Blouse for E

i know i’ve been absent from this space for the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean i’ve been absent from my sewing machine… in fact, a few weeks ago Josh and E went to tennessee and i had a WHOLE day to myself to sew:) (don’t get me wrong, i missed them and all – but a whole day to myself. to sew!).

i’ve been spending most of my sewing time on clothing lately, both for me and e.  i love the challenge of creating a piece of clothing and the ability to tweak each piece so that it fits perfectly. kids cloths are definitely easier to sew and is a great place to start if you want to learn. they don’t care if your seams are messed up and kids always look adorable in handmade clothes:) sewing adult clothing is a whole other ball game. it takes more patient and more time (and much more fabric!!!) but its building my sewing skills like crazy and i’m getting more confident to give things a shot (stay tuned later this week for my first attempt at sewing with a pattern!). baby steps. if you don’t know how to sew, but want to learn, invest in a good simple sewing machine and buy some amazingly fun fabric and you’ll be inspired. while i did learn basics of sewing from none other than my super seamstress mother, but the rest has been self taught from reading sewing books and sewing blogs. if you need a place to start, send me a message and i’ll give you a few suggestions:)

i’d had this pattern bookmarked in Sew Liberated : 20 Sewing Projects for the Modern Sewist since i bought it. i can across it again this weekand decided with fall just around the corner (haha, yeah right – its still 100 degree heat index here), it was time to give it a go. there is both an adult and child version, so naturally, i started with the child’s version. the pattern was super easy to follow and there are only two pattern pieces;) it required less than a yard of fabric and about 26inches of elastic. i had the top finished in an hour and a half and that was with e playing underfoot (and she did a bit of helping too). i followed the small size which the book says will fit a 2-3 year old. um… i tried it on and it fits well, but e is still in 18-24 month clothing. then i came across an errata page on her blog that says the sizes are running 1-2 sizes smaller than what the book says… good to know;)

the fabric is one that i’ve been scored at the Mill Village Outlet for $4/yard this summer (totally wish i lived closer to MVO!). its a heather ross print – i heart, heart, heart heather ross. this particular print makes me think of fall and i also have it in a mustard color. maybe i’ll use the mustard one when i attempt one for myself… is that too matchy-matchy? 🙂 i’ve got to make something yellow though for the MADE’s yellow celebration!

okay, enough of the chit chat… on with the photos:)

not sure if i should be happy or sad that she can still wear last years blue jeans:) 😦

an impromptu photo session tonight required me chasing her around her room… for some reason, she’s had a fascination with toilets these days

love the gathered sleeves:)

and this fabric… LOVE

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  1. soooo cute!!!!!! great job my friend!!!

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