smashing smock… attempt no. 2

so i think in the past few posts, i’ve alluded to my attempts at sewing clothing… my own clothing…  i had been intrigued by sewing adult clothing since Rae did her Spring Top Week back in May. oh, how i had great aspirations to participate – just for the fun of it, that compitition was fierce. but time didn’t allow it then, so i just blog stalked and browsed through the flickr pool over.and.over again. i got tons of inspiration and motivation and finally decided it was time to take a stab at it. well, i have to admit, my first few attempts were less than presentable and while i was actually able to put them on, there is no.way. i would leave the house in them:) my last two attempts though were surprisingly easy and turned *almost* as i expected.

this top was made from Anna Maria Horner’s pattern (from the book, Seams to Me). i’ll be honest, when i first got the book, i thought the top was hideous:) but after seeing other people’s renditions of it, i saw potiential and gave it a shot. i first made a muslin because the fabric i really wanted to use i’d been hoarding for a while and its hard to find now, so i couldn’t imagine ruining it on my first attempt. it really was easy (especially after making the muslin) and only required a little over a yard of fabric. the pattern gives instructions for adjustments, though the only one i made was to the length. i originally made it long enough to be a tunic, but then decided i probably wouldn’t wear it that length right now in the summer, so i just hemmed it. i think once the cooler weather gets here (if it e.v.e.r does), i’ll take the hems out. just one of the perks of making your own clothes (not to mention creating a top that is long enough for my abnormally long torso) …

so, without further ado, here she is… (please accept my apologies for not ironing first!)

and in case the fabric looks familiar… well, its because…

so, yes, i made eden and i matching outfits:) while i think there may be more to come… i’m not sure i’ve brave enough to wear them on the same day… unlike someone else i know…

love you mom… thanks for teaching me to sew.


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12 responses to “smashing smock… attempt no. 2

  1. Looks nice ! LOve you girl!

  2. Oh. MY. GOODNESS. I. LOVE. IT. Such a nice job!! I have that book too. Maybe I will have to try one.

    • Oh Carrie – I can only imagine how darling yours would turn out! You MUST try it (and of course blog about it!)… I’m still waiting to see photos of your attempt at clothing:)

  3. LOVE IT!!! Woohoo! You say, “easy” but do you mean for someone who could already sew a millionlovelylittlethings? Or someone who has maybe sewed a pillow?

    • Okay Melissa, by “easy” I did mean someone with some sewing skills. The pattern has lots of pictures, but i definitely wouldn’t suggest it for your first sewing project… baby steps:) I am by no means an expert sewist … I like simple, quickly gratifying projects. Anyone can learn to sew… i mean, heck, i taught heather to sew a skirt:)

      • Heather Cantalupi

        hey! i just read that and i resent it! even if it is true that you being able to teach me to sew a skirt is miraculous! but i looove the shirt!

  4. marty

    I am still laughing. you best wear them on the same day.

  5. Mylinda

    I love them Stephanie! At least they are up to date…lol…

  6. amanda

    It is beautiful! I love the little button on the back. 🙂

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