fun with fingerspelling

e’s teacher gave me a download a few weeks ago with a font for the computer that types out in “fingerspelling”. i was instantly smitten and the craft wheels started turning. my first thought was to combine it with an unfinished project on the table, enter labeled snack bags! you know, just in case someone thought about swiping her snack.

and i love that she loves her mama-made things. she does, really, she tells me every day. okay, e, twist my arm, i’ll keep making stuff for you.


Filed under ASL, sewing

3 responses to “fun with fingerspelling

  1. I saw Eden on MADE! She’s a star! ;o) She is such a doll! What a precious girl wearing some gorgeous clothes made by her Momma, I think thats so cool! (by the way, this is Joelle, Lorren Varner’s sister).

  2. Janna


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