a month in review

well, it’s already july and i’m not quite sure what happened to june. it totally FLEW by. maybe it was the two short weeks we spent in nc visiting friends… yeah, that was probably it. we had a marvelous time staying with my bff. heather has two girls, one older and one younger than e. the girls had a such a great time and for the most part got along really well:) we had lots of playdates with all of eden’s old buddies, so sad i didn’t get any photos of the kids:(we also got to see two of e’s therapists from raleigh, ms jodi and ms jenny. i was such a proud mama and was so excited for them to see e and how well she was doing, thanks to their many months of hard work with her!

Then there was Marbles Kids Museum… totally fun (and now i can’t wait for the Tampa Kids Museum to open in september). the girls played to their heart’s content and we finally had to drag them away from the ballet/dance floor exhibit. who knew brazilian music and a few tutus could be so entertaining.

i watched a unhealthly amount of reality tv and ate an equally unhealthy amount of sopapilla bars, but totally worth it to just hang with heather:) we chatted it up every night and i’m still regretting that we never got out her box of old photos to do a little more reminiscing:) but then again, i made her promise that this would become a yearly get together.  i can’t believe heather and i have known each other for almost 14 years! good times people, good times. (and if you know her, you should tell her that she needs to move to florida). – oh, and that’s her on the right, taken just last week actually.

the week we returned to tampa, e had another hearing test which showed her hearing loss isn’t getting any worse… yah! and other than this test, we’ve managed to stay out of doctors offices for quite a few months now… impressive:)  her therapies are going well, though we’re trying to decide what to do with speech therapy right now, there’s so many different approaches out there and she’s not responding much to the current one, but we’ll see… such a matter of prayer at the moment. and she’s not in PT right now either – long story – but we’re waiting for a spot for her to start aqua therapy.

and i have to admit, there has been quite a bit of sewing going on around here these days, even some sewing for, ahem… me:) i’ve been trying my hand at clothes making, and while it didn’t get off to a good start, my latest project has me giddy. don’t worry – i’ll share pictures soon.

and since my theme tonight seems to be random… if you’re interested, i now have a set of ASL Learning Bags up in the shop.


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2 responses to “a month in review

  1. Heather Cantalupi

    Oh.No.You.Didn’t. After seeing that picture I am also totally mad we didn’t get my old pics. That would have been awesome. And also glad I can take credit for getting you hooked on The Bachelorette and SYTYCD. You know you loved it. As for the sopapilla bars. There’s no such thing as an unhealthy amount. I might go make some right now 🙂 I had a great time w/ you too friend and miss you so much. Avery is still talking about how Josh, stephanie and Eden went back to Florida. And don’t talk to me about moving to Fla..that’s a conversation for Steve. I love you and am so happy (and in disbelief) that we have been best friends for 14 years. LOOOVE You so much and thankful that God put you in my life. OK, enough of this yearbook post.

    • Kim

      OH. MY. GOODNESS. why did you choose THIS picture? of all pictures? love you! and can’t wait for everyone to come visit me in nyc 🙂 🙂

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