e has been full of silly faces these days. when told to “smile” this is the face i get :

not so much a smile e, but you’re getting there 🙂

still makes me laugh every. time.

i mean, how can you not!

on another note, i know i’ve been a little absent from this space lately… no great excuses other than chasing after this crazy TWO and A HALF year old!


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5 responses to “smile

  1. Kacie J

    2 and a half!! Wow! Time flies, hope yall are enjoying Tampa.

  2. Pat Young

    Hi, J.

    I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed following your blog ever since we first started praying for E. way back when. In case you don’t remember me (which I wouldn’t expect you to!) I’m Heather’s aunt. We just spent several days with her and my sisters (Gwen & Joyce) in Columbus, IN, and had a ball!

    Anyway, I love your creative projects and want to thank you for sharing pics and info. I do a little crafting (with less success!) but just for my own entertainment. (Sometimes very humorous results!!!) Keep up the great work, and God Bless You ALL!!!

    Aunt Pat

    • of course I remember you Pat! Thanks for the sweet compliments and good luck with your crafting projects – its not the end result that counts, its the fun you have creating it!!!

  3. Janna

    I love that smile!!!

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