the sseko sandal

so, if you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably heard enough of the sseko sandal already, but for those of you who haven’t i’ll fill you in:)

a few months ago, i came across sseko designs via another blog. as soon as i saw the sandals, i immediately fell in love. then i read the story of how it came about. wow. what an incredible organization (not to mention that the founder, liz is only 24 years old)! africa has a special place in my heart for many reasons, so naturally, the story behind these sandals pulled on my heart strings. after a few subtle hints prior to mothers day, i received a gift certificate from the hubs for some sseko sandals. since i had already scoured the website, i knew exactly which one(s) i wanted (i got to pick TWO straps!).  I received them in the mail last week and have had a couple of days wear out of them. Not only are they amazingly fun and adorable, they are quite comfy as well. my only complaint…. i had to wait two weeks to get them since my size was on backorder:(

i have decided that they are, in fact, the crafter/sewers ideal sandal as i’m already dreaming up new straps i can make for them. add that to my long list of projects:)

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