i never used to be a flower person. i mean, they’re pretty and all, but i’m a fairly practical person and hate spending money on things that don’t get much use. my husband has me figured out though and knows that the creative part in me really does like pretty flowers on the table. so now, out of the blue, flowers like this just show up on my table, unannounced, for no reason. yep – i love him:)

but, this is definitely an every-now-and-then occasion. good thing MADE came up with this great tutorial during celebrating mom week… are these the cutest things you’ve seen. i have to admit that i have gotten a little carried away with them though. they are now my go-to gift (consider this your warning!). funny thing is – as many as i’ve made – my table is still bare…. i think that will be my project for tonight… yes… that is what i’ll do:) (after i make the hubs some cookies like i promised – i guess he deserves them after all the flowers!)


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2 responses to “flowers

  1. dixiemango

    Oh, those are great! I may have to get on some of those!

    • Carrie – they so quick and easy – I made a dozen last night during one tv show:)

      Read your blog post earlier today – love the laptop cover, amazing as usual! And the IKEA fabric – lovely:) I’m coming to NC next week, so if you want me to pick up any fabric from our IKEA, let me know… i’m only 9 blocks away:)

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