the best, easiest summer dress yet!

I found the MADE blog a few months ago and have been literally addicted to the creativity there! last week, she introduced a new summer pattern for 5 different little girls dresses. i was instantly in love and decided eden must have these hanging in her closet! dana (the wonderful designer) gives detailed instructions on how to do “faux smocking”, aka “shirring”. She gives step by step instructions on how to use elastic thread (who, knew!). while it initially took me two hours to figure out how to use the darn stuff, once i did – totally easy and quick… i think the dress was done in under an hour! i’ll definitely be whipping up a few more of as the staple of her summer wardrobe (along with that easy lazy day skirt).

oh how glad i am that i have a little girl to sew for! i have had to laugh at myself this week though when i recalled moments in my childhood, wearing eerily similar clothing and declaring to my mom that “i will never make my kids dress like this!”… haha! if i only had a picture to share with you… maybe i’ll find on when i go to tennessee next week!


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2 responses to “the best, easiest summer dress yet!

  1. Heather Cantalupi

    Um..Avery and Charlotte both just requested these dresses. Preferably made by Aunt Stephanie since mommy doesn’t know how to make them cute stuff. You know..whenever you aren’t busy just whip up a couple more dresses 🙂 Love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

    seriously..the dress is awesome!

  2. Thank you for the groovy fabric. I think we gravitate towards similar fabrics in life. Nice to meet you!

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