celebrating our risen Lord

i hope yesterday was filled with worship! we had a wonderful, worshipful time yesterday with our church. our church celebrated its first easter together yesterday, just one week after our first time worshipping in the new chapel. this year has been such a sweet time in the life of our church, and it just keeps getting sweeter. over the past few months, i have been constantly reminded of my need for the Gospel every day. so often i think of the Gospel as something for “unbelievers” and that once we believe, we can “move on” from the Gospel… how tragic that my heart had believed this for so long. my prayer this year is that i would preach the Gospel message to myself daily, remembering what Christ has done for me and how it informs the rest of my life! celebrating the easter story yesterday reminded me the same – to celebrate the message of easter and its meaning in my life every day, not just one day of the year. so thankful that my Christ is alive, not in the grave.

thankful for these things right now too…

miss alison, eden’s deaf and hard of hearing teacher

bed head and monkey pajamas

last minute easter baskets with re-gifted chocolate

this amazing skirt pattern which is now the staple of her wardrobe

this little family

happy easter – let’s continue in the celebration of our risen Lord this week, shall we!


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2 responses to “celebrating our risen Lord

  1. dixiemango

    Such a cute skirt! Thanks for the reminder to keep the gospel close… so need to hear that, friend!

  2. Linda

    Stephanie, this is the first time I’ve been to your new site. I love it. Also, I love this pic of Eden….she is growing up too fast. Looking forward to your next visit to TN>

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