the farm

today Eden’s deaf and hard of hearing class took a field trip a farm out in *rural* florida… until now, all we’ve seen is urban florida and well rural florida seemed just like rural tennessee but with palm trees:) anyways, the farm was adorable. there were all sorts of animals roaming around, along with a tractor, farm-house play house, and a hayride to finish it off. we would have finished it off with a picnic, but we had to jet out early. Eden met some sweet little signing friends – it’s so fun to see them talking to each other in sign!

here are just a few photos to document our day:

she HATED the saddle…

we had to leave early because Eden had her follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Tuite today. Everything on her MRI looked stable and he was pleased, saying Dr. Fuches (our neurosurgeon at Duke) did a great job! Praise the Lord for His soverignty in her life and for gifting these wonderful doctors.

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