first attempt at holiday crafting…

was a complete failure:(

remember this post where i wanted to make these shamrocks, but didn’t have enough time… failed.

found this recipe for rainbow cupcakes, but didn’t have red food coloring. there was no way i was going to make it to the store to get some… failed.

found this recipe for shamrock cookies, made them, then burnt them – turning them brown… failed.

finally decided to go with what i know and made rice krispie treats with green food coloring. yummy… except for the fact that eden wouldn’t touch them… again, failed!

maybe i can do better with easter, which is surprisingly not to far away. given my track record, i guess i better get started now.

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One response to “first attempt at holiday crafting…

  1. Don’t give up! Those traditions (the special and the everyday) are important. After reading “Treasuring God in Our Traditions” by Noel Piper, we made an easter mountain several years ago. We used a big tub of molding clay. Shape it into a hollow mountain with an opening on one side (tomb). We used two sticks to make a cross. It goes on the top. Make chenille stick people. We used different colors to represent men, women, soldiers. Make a rock to roll away with some of the clay. We used all the pieces we made to act out the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We put it away in a box every year and pull it out the week before Easter. We also make Easter Story cookies. They go in the oven on Saturday night. On Sundat morning before church, the kids open them up. They are hollow inside. The kids wait in anticipation for this time to come each year.
    Keep up the good work. As moms we expect alot. I have learned that my kids do simple but consistent better than anything. 🙂

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