a new do…

i FINALLY broke down and took eden to get her first hair cut. i’ve been putting it off for a few months now, for many reasons i suppose. i mean, getting a hair cut is a big deal, right? one of the many reminders that she is not a baby anymore. maybe i knew that she was going to FLIP out, thrash around and scream through the whole hair cut… yep, she did that. and maybe just maybe, i was a little attached to the mullet she was growing (or maybe not!). regardless – i took her today to get her first cut and she looks just adorable with her little new do. i think its going to bring out the curls even more. oh, i do love those curls!

and just in case you didn’t believe me that she is walking…

i love that her new favorite spot is one of mommy’s recent projects.

the gum drop pillow by amy butler patterns… one more is in the works:)

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  1. Kristen

    Does Eden have on Old Navy’s Girls scout shirt? You are so funny! Miss you guys!

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