okay, okay

so i’m not great at blogging. but i have great intenetions, does that get me anywhere!?

i think an eden update is due, so here goes:

papa joe bought her an alabama national champs shirt – josh did some editing to the photo, but i think its kind of cool and artsy. it did convince me though that she definitely needs a hair cut, asap.

she’s officially walking… everywhere. she wants to climb everything too, pretty scary since we have lots of stairs! we’ll be getting a baby gate soon:)

we’re in the thick of discipline with eden (not too fun, by the way) and learning alot about the discipline of the Lord in my life at the same time.

eden had her follow up MRI this week, checking her brain and her spine from her two previous surgeries. no results yet, we’ll know in a few weeks when we go to see the neurosurgeon. don’t worry – i promise a prompt update when we know the results.

she loves her abc’s. its absolutely adorable. josh and i have become quite proficient in our “fingerspelling” as well and she wants us to sign her abc’s to her all the time. she even knows how to make many of the fingerspelling handshapes and knows “a” and “z”! she’s so smart:) one day i’m going to get it on video. i’m even thinking about making these soon, somehow incorporating the signs for each letter.

and for all my crafting friends, this is the most adorable tutorial – check it out. i entertained the idea of making them and then posting about it, but its already the 11th and i don’t forsee it happeneing… maybe next year!


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2 responses to “okay, okay

  1. dixiemango

    I saw those shamrocks too. So cute, but alas… I don’t have time either with all the Easter stuff I have to do. I think they would be fun altered for the different holidays!

  2. She is so cute with her haircut. I know how hard it is to get that first cut, but I have always loved it afterwards. 🙂 I love reading your blog.

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