Chicken and Broccoli in a Crescent Roll

This recipe is too good not to share. I’ve motified it a bit over the years and I’m not sure the original source, so I’m going to claim this version of my own! Its so yummy – E almost gobbled up a whole one by herself!

2 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed

4oz cream cheese

2 c. broccoli (steamed)

2 Tbsp butter/margarine

1 pkg refrigerated crescent rolls

salt and pepper to taste


Lay out crescent rolls in pairs of two triangles (making a rectangle) – pinch together seams : you will end up with 4 flat pieces of crescent roll.

Dump all the remaining ingredients in a food processor – process until chicken is shredded (Add enough milk to ease the blending process 2-3 Tbsp approx).

Spoon chicken/broccoli mixture on crescent roll squares (you may have extra filling). Pull up crescent rolls corners and pinch together.

Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.



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4 responses to “Chicken and Broccoli in a Crescent Roll

  1. Heather Cantalupi

    Seriously still one of my favorite recipes from you. And everyone I make it for requests the recipe! Love it! But, never thought about putting it in the food processor, we usually just do the chicken in cubes, but I like your way better! Loveyou!!

  2. Steph,
    This looks delish! I will be trying it very soon! Hope you’re doing great! We just moved to Miramar Beach, FL! I am now job-hunting and unpacking/organizing the new place. Fun stuff! Have a fab weekend!
    God Bless,

  3. Hey girl!!

    I thought you deserved a Beautiful Blogger award. Head on over to my blog for the instructions! Miss you and hope to catch up in person one day!


  4. Noelle Smith

    Hey, this is Noelle from North Wake. It’s nice reading about what you’re doing and how much Eden has grown! This recipe is one of my favorites as well (we call them Chicken Packets), in fact I’m making them tonight, although I have never added broccoli before. That would be a nice touch. Well hope ministry is going well, especially as you raise your little one. God bless!

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