the flouncy bag

One Yard Wonders, anyone? I am totally in love with this book. Ever since I received my copy, I have been ordering fabric out the wazoo and only last week did I start my first project! I guess I got a little ahead of myself, I always do when it comes to ordering fabric!

My first project was the Flouncy Bag. I absolutely loved the style of the bag and the directions seemed pretty simple. I did some simple browsing to find reviews on this pattern and see how others rated it.  I came across a couple of posts about errors in the pattern and finally landed on the publishers corrections page for the book. After reviewing those, I got started. I cut my pieces one by one until… I ran out of my one yard with the interior still yet to be cut:( I was quite dissappointed, to say the least. So I went thumbing through my overflowing fabric stash and found some neutral linen. I made the interior out of the linen and also made the top exterior band out of the linen.  The pattern also called for a un-directional print, but I did use a directional print and I don’t think it made a difference (I cut the pattern exactly the same).  I substituted biased tape for the piping since I didn’t have piping on hand. I had my sweet cousin in my when making this and being 19, I assumed she didn’t want her name on the front, so instead I added a vintage button I have been saving for such a project as this!

I was so pleased with the final project, I had a hard time packaging it up to give away, but I have no doubt that my cousin will love it as much as I do!

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  1. I love that fabric! The color and print are beautiful.

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